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Wednesday October 26 2016

  "Any cigar smoker is a friend because I know what he feels."
Alfred de Musset
Cigar News

In the News
JR Cigar, Inc. Announces Completion of Merger with JRC Acquisition Corp.

Ventura shares stogies, chats it up at the White House St. The bed is nice and long. There's this swell copy of the Gettysburg Address under glass. But boy, the host sure likes to stay up late.

Cigar store haven for Cuba nostalgia. A vintage print of the Cuba only a few remember, the sounds of Beny Moré and La Orquesta Riverside, old Bacardi napkins and empty beer and Pepsi-Cola bottles; antique postcards, historic ...

Links to these and other news stories.
New Cigar Products

What's New
The Griffins, Davidoff, Zino Mouton Cadet, add new shapes, sizes, and a old friend in a new package.
Monthly Columns

Dave "C" 
Monica, Monica, Monica! It's always about Monica! Well maybe it's really about cigars.

Tom's Rant 
Tom's Rant Returns! The monthly column by Thomas Suhadolnikis is back. This month: It's wake up time for the "Old Boys" of the cigar industry. (Disclaimer: the thoughts and words are the authors and not....) 

The Traveling Cigarman 
Brian Engle's Portland trip to the Brazan Bean, w/ Sara and her braided arm-pit hair. It do not get any better than that!

The Cheap Cigar 
Do you feel cigars have gotten too expensive? Then check out Wade Bishop's monthly column devoted to the cigar smoker on a budget.
Feature Articles

Shade Tobacco Days 
Keith Foxe reminisces on the summer job of his youth. Working in the tobacco fields of the Connecticut Valley, in the days of disco and decadence, when cigars had gone the way of ladies' hats and jazz trios.

Woman and Cigars, Our Newest Romance. 
Sharon Krum emerges from the smoky cigar bar scene, and asks; What ever happened to men and shopping? Is this where feminism has left us?

Single-malt Scotches 
Not just another passing fad. Patrice Murphy tells us why this drink is growing in popularity, and still stands the test of time. 

So you think the cigar market is hot?
Well you have to see what's going on with the cigar label art of nearly 100 years ago. O.L. Lisot opens the doors and lets you into this hot new market.

Indoor Air Quality and Smoke, 
Can they Coexist? Bill Behrman thinks so, and he's put his years of experience together to tell us how.

Road Trip!!! 
The family, the car, the open road, and a coola'dor full of cigars. A cigar smoker's summer vacation, by Don Payne.

As Seen on TV 
Monday December 15th, CigarLife is on News 12's The Exchange program in Connecticut.

The Cigar Expo NY "97"
A blast from the "Cigar Boom" past. Thousands of people attended this now extinct event in New York City's Jacobs Javis Convention Center. This was the first cigar convention to mix both consumers and industry at one event.
Read Marc and Adam Goldstone's report of the Expo, and then check out some of the new products that were first shown at this new cigar event.

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