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Targon Smokers' Mouthwash

America's 50 million smokers are among the most lectured to, legislated against, and ostracized consumer groups. In addition to all this, smokers have to live with the unpleasant aftermath of stained teeth and cigarette breath. 
 Now, amid all the bad news about smoking, Block Drug Company gives smokers something to smile about: Targon Smokers' Mouthwash brand. 
  The newest addition to Block Drug Company's line of oral health care products, is the only mouthwash specifically created for and currently promoted to smokers. Targon Smokers' Mouthwash removes tobacco tar stains, whitens teeth, and leaves breath clean and minty fresh, and that is something both smokers - and nonsmokers - can smile about. 
 "Targon Smokers' Mouthwash uses a unique, patented formula to dissolve, detach and remove unwanted tobacco stains from the teeth of smokers," stated George Clark, D.D.S., Ph.D., Oral Health Care Division, Block Drug Company. "Targon was originally developed for dentists to give to patients who smoke as a cleansing pre-rinse before certain dental procedures. It was so effective in removing tobacco stains from teeth that it was decided to expand its use to the general public." 
 "Targon also helps to eliminate smokers' breath and kills germs that cause bad breath. Targon Smokers' Mouthwash is unique - it is the only mouthwash marketed to smokers. With Targon Smokers' Mouthwash, we can provide an effective product and meet a long-standing consumer demand," Dr. Clark said. 
 "With repeated rinsing and when used as part of an effective oral hygiene program, Targon Smokers' Mouthwash will help remove tobacco stains from the surface of tooth enamel," Clark added. 
 According to a recent survey, 84% of smokers believe that smoking has in some way discolored their teeth. Moreover, 85% of them also expressed concern about the social and/or health implications of tobacco stained teeth. With the use of Targon Smokers' Mouthwash, smokers can avoid embarrassing social situations brought on by stained teeth and smoker's breath. 
 Targon Smokers' Mouthwash is available in a 16 and 24 ounce clear plastic bottle with child resistant closures and tamper evident seals. 
 Headquartered in Jersey City, NJ, Block Drug Company, Inc. is an international marketer and manufacturer of denture care products, dental products, proprietary over-the-counter medicines and specialty household products. Among the Company's other well-known brands are the Polident line of denture cleansers, the Sensodyne line of desensitizing toothpastes, Poli-Grip brand denture adhesives, Dentu-Creme brand denture cleansers, Lava brand hand soap, Nytol brand sleep-aids, Beano® brand food enzyme and Balmex brand diaper rash ointments. 


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